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Brokerage of commercial real estate market — mediation by:

  • searching for tenants and buyers of commercial space (retail, office, warehouse etc);
  • selection of objects according to certain criteria of the customer, a detailed study of the state papers, work on the structuring of the transaction;
  • negotiations with tenants and buyers under the ownership of commercial real estate;
  • promote the conclusion of the lease or sale, by the owner of the commercial property and the tenant (the buyer).

Purchase and sale of real estate is the most common way to purchase real estate. At the conclusion of this agreement must take into account many subtleties and understand that the contract requires a large variety of certificates and documents. It is therefore important to have an idea about the document itself, the process of its conclusion and, of course, do not forget about the nuances. On such as for example:

According st.549 Civil Code, under a contract of sale of real property of the seller shall transfer to the buyer's land, building, structure, apartment or other real estate. It must be in writing and registered with the state. It should be noted that from the state registration of the agreement is necessary to distinguish the state registration of the transfer of ownership under the contract, which is required in all cases. Moreover, its absence does not affect the validity of the document, and it only means failure. As a general rule of real estate sales contract is concluded with the signing and does not require state registration, but shall be subject to compulsory state registration of contracts sale of residential premises and businesses. In such cases, the moment of state registration of the contract is the moment of its conclusion.

It should be noted that, for example, land and other natural resources that are the exclusive property of the state, can not be the object of the contract, and the building, structure, dwelling house, garden house, villa, apartment, other immovable property or part of a building, houses, apartments, commercial space, share in the common ownership of real property - may be the subject of the agreement.

Selling price of real estate is also an essential prerequisite. Since any contract of sale mediates economic relations "commodity-money", the price may be expressed only in cash and includes the price of the property transferred to the land or the rights to it (unless otherwise provided by law or by contract).

If you are going to carry out the transaction of purchase and sale of real estate, it is necessary to take into account the many complex nuances, as an incorrect and unprofessional conduct, it may be considered invalid. A well crafted CONTRACT OF SALE REAL ESTATE - GUARANTEED AS OWNER OR bona fide purchaser.

To ensure protection of the interests of the parties Our specialists will help you to resolve any issues, will provide professional assistance in the preparation of the necessary documents and drawing up a contract of sale with all the rules of the current legislation, will comment on the procedure for its implementation, if necessary, can conduct a transaction on your behalf.

A team of professionals: experienced lawyers, assessors, economists, working with networks (electricity, water and sewerage, etc.) - it's the ingredients for your peace of mind during the transaction of purchase and sale of real estate.

We conduct real estate transactions of any complexity. If you decide to buy or sell a property, leave it to us. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of your peace of mind and a guaranteed result.