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The investor owns commercial real estate and receive a monthly income.

On the European markets, the volume of trading real estate funds (REIT) exceeds the volume of trading in shares and bonds. In Russia this type of investment is not developed on a sufficient scale, mainly due to the lack of liquidity in the secondary market. At the same time, this type of investment is great for investors seeking higher returns at a higher level of reliability.

The rental yield exceeds the yield of commercial real estate deposit, while even in the event of a fall in property values in the periods of economic recession, it always returns to its original level within a few years and continues to grow. Thus, the probability of loss on such investments in sredsnesrochnom period is almost zero, as opposed to, for example, bonds, where the recovery of the debt in case of default of the issuer can be very difficult.

Capital Development Company proposes the creation of individual closed-end mutual funds, the investment objective of which is to invest in commercial real estate for the purpose of obtaining permanent rental income and an increase in the initial investment.

After the sale of commercial real estate investor, Capital Development is offering its services as a management company. This enables the investor to break free from operational activities at the commercial and administrative management of our commercial real estate. The investor is completely free from financial and legal support activities, as these questions for him decides Capital Development.

The investor owns commercial real estate and receives a monthly income! All efforts incurred by the company Capital Development.